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Double points for Lampitt

The Slider Tour produced yet another fantastic stage in Heckmondwike, Yorkshire. It was Matt Lampitt that produced the goods...

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Stathis Tsolis

Our next player interview is with Stathis Tsolis. Stathis is the man behind the successful and popular mysubbuteo.com website....

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  • Major of Verviers
    2 weeks to go before a great tournament.
  • Perfect week-end for Axel Donval
    The club of Puylaurens in the South of France organized their International week-end on April 12 and 13 with players from five nations taking part. There was only one team event with 6 teams competing and FTC Issy (France) beat SC Eugies (Belgium) in the final thanks to a decisive goal of Axel Donval a […]
  • Poster of the next Gibraltar Open



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