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2018 – UKI National League

The UKI National League will be taking place in Bristol at the Memorial Stadium, home of Bristol Rovers FC on Sunday 14th October.

This is a non-ESA event being run by Bob Fairbrother – more info can be found on it’s own Facebook event page at – UKI National League

Here are the Divisional placings in the Primary Coaching UKI National League taking place at the next Sunday. Memorial Stadium, Bristol Rovers FC.
Division 1
Brandon Lavender
Darren Barnes
Dave Samuel
David Lauder
Paul Andreas
Phil Dacey
Rudi Peterschinigg

Division 2
Aaron Skinner
Benji Batten
John Lauder
Nicky Chappel
Robert Ramsay
Terry Arnold
Tony Mccann

Division 3
Bob Fairbrother
Dave Croucher
Gareth Thomas
Ian Maskell
Kye Arnold
Neil Doherty
Simon Donadel

Division 4
Andy Jarvis
Bernard O’Connor
Peter Brown
Phillip Bryant
Steve Badcott
Taylor Randles
Tim Mourant

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