English Subbuteo Association

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You can become a member of the English Subbuteo Association by filling in the form below.

The cost is just £15 for senior players and FREE for players under the age of 19.

What does the ESA do?

  • ESA organises competitions and events for members throughout the country.
  • It selects the teams that represent England in international events.
  • It promotes this exciting sport to young people and to those returning to the game they enjoyed in their youth.

Why should you join the ESA?

  • You’ll be eligible for all ESA events where you’ll find competition at every age group and every level including the very highest.
  • Through ESA’s affiliation to FISTF (the international governing body for table football) you can enter any of the hundreds of events held annually around the World.
  • You’ll be given a monthly international ranking based on your competition results.
  • You have the opportunity to represent your country.
  • You’ll receive a regular newsletter keeping you up to date with news and events.
  • It’s friendly and great fun.
  • It’s only £15!

The current calendar of ESA events is available at http://subbuteoassociation.co.uk/events-5/

How do I join?

  1. Enter your personal details on this page. If you’re under 19 this is all you need to do.


  1. Log in to your PayPal account and send £15 to the accountsupport@subbuteoassociation.co.uk. Make sure you select the option ‘Send money to friends and family’. Please enter your name in the ‘Write a note’field.


Any queries, please contact Tim Bowen, ESA Treasurer at:


Registration Form
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