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Carlos Flores

Carlos Flores is one of the greatest Subbuteo table soccer players of all time. The ESA is delighted to present an exclusive interview with Carlos which reveals some of his most memorable moments within the game and features two videos showing his winning mentality and his well known “Si” celebration.

1. When did you first start playing?
The first time I was introduced to Subbuteo was in 1995 when I was 11 with my great friend Alberto Mateos and his brother Luis who I went to see him one day and I found the game irresistible!

2. Which was your first ever big tournament?
My first big tournament was the Grand Prix in London in 2004, in the tournament I defeated the world champion at the time, Massimiliano Nastasi. It was in the semi finals after a great game which we drew 3-3 and I won in sudden death.

3. Which is the best tournament you have ever attended?
Definitely the best is Bologna, it is the most professional tournament I have ever played in.

4. What was the best goal you have ever scored?
Do not know if it was my best goal but because of its importance the goal that mark last year in the world championship team in Manchester in the final against Belgium , the game was tied and I scored the winning goal 3 seconds left, since childhood I dreamed of that moment which was incredible !

5. Who would you describe as being the toughest player you have faced in England?
In England there are great players, not just one could say , Kasper Bennett, Darren Clark, Chris Thomas, Chris Short…… these players are always very difficult to win against.

6. Who would you describe as being the toughest player you have faced in the World?
Massimiliano Nastasi who I have played some great matches against !

7. What has been the best match you have ever played in?
The best games are those matches against Alberto Juan Mateos and Juan Noguera in my house when we train ! In a tournament I think it was against Valery Dejardin in Bologna in the final in 2010.

8. What has been your best moment or achievement in the game?
I have three great moments in my memory , when I won with Reggio Emilia the European Cup Team in Mattersburg (Austria ) victory with the team of Spain in the World Cup Manchester and the first time I won the world championship individual in Rain (Germany).

9. What has been the funniest moment you have seen on a trip away to a tournament?
I have very many funny moments, but the best and have fun when as a child and played in the team of my city (Murcia). When we traveled we slept not a minute before tournaments .

10. Which football team do you support?

11. What is your favourite food?
Pasta and Spanish Ham!

12. Do you have any other hobbies?
Billiards, darts, poker and drinking beer with friends ahahahah

13. What is your favourite holiday destination?
This year I went on holiday to Sardinia ( Italy ) with my friend Emanuele Licheri….it was incredible !

14. What is the best movie you have ever seen?
American gangster !

15. What is your favourite TV series?

16. What is your favourite music?

17. Which person do you have most respect for in life?
My brother , my mother and my best friend, Alberto Mateos

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