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Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas has arguably been one of the best players to play for England. The current England Captain recently helped the England Open team get to the World Cup semi finals in Manchester in 2012 and is the current National League Champion. This exclusive interview sees Chris answers questions from his most memorable match to his favourite music.

1. When did you first start playing?
1988 (October) age 9

2. Which was your first ever big tournament?
The first big English event I played in was the 1989 English Junior National Finals at Wembley. The first big foreign event that I played in was the FISTF European Championships in Verviers (Belgium) 1993

3. Which is the best tournament you have ever attended?
Mons is always a fantastic event in terms of quantity and quality, and I’ve played their many times, certainly one of the best events. Also I really enjoyed playing in the USA 2003. Probably my favourite events in recent years have been the Cardiff Gps at the Millennium Stadium

4. What was the best goal you have ever scored?
It has to be a last second winner against Dave Pawsey in the semi-final at Dumfries 2005. Dave dominated the whole match and had chance to win it at the end. I somehow made a great save and the ball rebounded off my keeper with lots of pace into Dave’s shooting area. Whilst the ball was moving I shot with one of my defenders on my shooting line and smashed the ball in to the top corner of Dave’s net!!! It was the last flick of the match and I won 1-0. Sorry Dave!!!

5. Who would you describe as being the toughest player you have faced in England?
Darren Clarke (at his house, playing his rules…lol)

6. Who would you describe as being the toughest player you have faced in the World?
In recent years I think that Nastasi and Flores are very tough opponents. Back in the 90s I think Gil Delogne, David Ruelle and Eric Naszalyi were all very tough to play against!!

7. What has been the best match you have ever played in?
Playing for San Siro in the Europa Cup in Athens 2007. It was the quarter final against the defending champions Napoli…I won my match 2-1 vs M Bolognino and as a team we beat Napoli, on goal difference!!

8. What has been your best moment or achievement in the game?
Quite enjoyed winning 5 English Masters events on the bounce…and the last 2 national leagues. However, I have to say that I much prefer success in the team events…so pretty much all of last season with Valletta!!!

9. What has been the funniest moment you have seen on a trip away to a tournament?
So many funny things have happened over the years…it’s what keeps me playing. All the ‘funbus’ trips of the late 90s to various European events were highly entertaining.

10. Which football team do you support?
Manchester United of course!!! (Glory fan since 1984)

11. What is your favourite food?
Steak/Chicken Fajitas

12. Do you have any other hobbies?
Going to the gym and keeping fit. Try to play others sports when I get chance, such as, golf, darts and squash. Did use to play a lot of snooker but I never seemed to improve at that…lol.

13. What is your favourite holiday destination?
Malta (Paceville) and Valletta of course!!

14. What is the best movie you have ever seen?
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

15. What is your favourite TV series?
Shameless!! and Eight out of ten cats!!

16. What is your favourite music?
Angels & Airwaves

17. Which person do you have most respect for in life?
There’s more than one, so here goes… All of my family and friends, for various reasons. In the subbuteo world, Mike Parnaby and John Lauder for keeping the game alive through difficult periods. In the world of sport, if I had to pick one person it would be Phil ‘the power’ Taylor…total legend!!!

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