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Daley in Spring Cup Victory!

Brian Daley was the man in form with victory in the ESA WASPA Spring Cup with a 100% record taking the trophy.

The 10 player field had a mixture of youth and experience as the players competed in 5 round Swiss System tournament.

In the end it was Yorkshire Phoenix’s Daley who came out on top with Kent Invicta’s Jeremy Bradley in second place.


Round One

Connor Bowden 5-0 Abbie Staples
Dylan Staples 2-1 John Devaney
Ben Staples 2-1 Colin Tarry
Jeremy Bradley 4-3 Klaus Fritz
Brian Daley 4-0 Brian Kinrade

Round Two

Brian Daley 2-1 Connor Bowden
Ben Staples 4-2 Klaus Fritz
Colin Tarry 6-1 John Devaney
Brian Kinrade 4-2 Abbie Staples
Jeremy Bradley 5-0 Dylan Staples

Round Three

Colin Tarry 3-1 Brian Kinrade
Klaus Fritz 3-0 Dylan Staples
John Devaney 5-0 Abbie Staples
Brian Daley 1-0 Jeremy Bradley
Ben Staples 4-3 Connor Bowden

Round Four

Connor Bowden 1-1 Klaus Fritz
Brian Kinrade 3-2 John Devaney
Brian Daley 5-1 Ben Staples
Jeremy Bradley 3-0 Colin Tarry
Dylan Staples 2-0 Abbie Staples

Round Five

Connor Bowden 4-1 John Devaney
Klaus Fritz 5-0 Abbie Staples
Brian Daley 6-1 Colin Tarry
Jeremy Bradley 5-0 Ben Staples
Brian Kinrade 3-2 Dylan Staples

Final positions

1.Brian Daley 15 pts 18-3 gd
2.Jeremy Bradley 12pts 17-4 gd
3.Brian Kinrade 9 pts 10-14 gd
4.Ben Staples 9 pts 11-16 gd
5.Connor Bowden 7pts 14-8 gd
6.Klaus Fritz 7 pts 14-9 gd
7.Colin Tarry 6 pts 11-13 gd
8.Dylan Staples 6 pts 6-12 gd
9.John Devaney 3 pts 5-15 gd
10.Abbie Staples 2-21 gd

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