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Elliott Bellefontaine

Recently announced England Youth Captain, Elliot Bellefontaine has had a successful 2016 so far. After a narrow defeat at the Yorkshire International Open, impressive performances at home and abroad have secured his status as one of the countries top players.

Name: Elliott Bellefontaine

Category: Youth 

Club Team: London and Essex United 

Equipment: Extreme Works Universal, Cat 2.0 goalkeeper

From: London 

Occupation: Civil Engineer 

Favourite Football Team: Chelsea 


  1. When did you first start playing?

I started playing Subbuteo at the age of 8 when my dad introduced me. At this stage I just played in the London league and Putney league to gain experience.


  1. Which was your first ever big tournament?

My first so called big tournament would have been the London gran prix which attracted players from all over the world which actually showed me how seriously this game was played.


  1. Which is the best tournament you have ever attended?

The best tournament that I have ever attend would most likely be Lisbon just because of the lovely weather and it being it a football stadium as well as going to watch the Portugal v Serbia game


  1. Who would you describe as being the toughest player you have faced?

The toughest player I have faced in the under 19 would be David Gonzalez as he is just brilliant and does thing you think how? As well as us always having high goal scoring games I think one of them was 10-7. But going into the open I would say that Vasco Guimaraes who has now retired was the hardest player to face even though he was just so relaxed about playing and trying to help me though the whole game

  1. What has been your best moment or achievement in the game?

My best achievement for me would be getting into 3rd place of the Major in Mons which was more than I ever thought I would get as well as winning tournaments abroad and in England.


  1. What has been the funniest moment you have seen on a tournament away trip?

Funniest moment on the trip away concerns Mike Burns in Mons with his saving the tournament 😉

  1. Do you have any other hobbies/interests?

I play football all the time as well as PlayStation and drinking with my mates

  1. What is your favourite holiday ?

I don’t really know anywhere it is hot


  1. What is your favourite movie?  

My favourite movie would be snatch.

  1. Who is your Hero?

My hero in life would be Gianfranco Zola.

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