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England 2017 World Cup Squads announced

England teams for the 2017 World Cup in Elancourt, Paris 2nd/3rd September –

Justin Finch (Captain)
Chris Thomas
Darren Clark
Matt Lampitt
Luca Martinelli
Chris Bowen

Brian Daley (Captain)
Andy Boyer
Phil Redman
Jeremy Bradley

Under 15’s
Kye Arnold (Captain)
Joseph Kinrade
Finnley Taylor
Thomas Price

Under 12’s
Conor Atkin (Captain)
Ben Plumley
Dylan Wilde
Oscar Galey


1. Luca Martinelli
2. Chris Thomas
3. Darren Clarke
4. Matt Lampitt

1. Brian Daley
2. Jeremy Bradley
3. Andy Boyer
4. Justin Finch
5. Phil Redman

Under 19’s
1. Chris Bowen

Under 15’s
1. Kye Arnold
2. Joseph Kinrade
3. Thomas Price
4. Finnley Taylor

Under 12’s
1. Conor Atkin
2. Ben Plumley
3. Dylan Wilde
4. Oscar Galey

Reserves for Adult teams/categories
Brian Kinrade
Mat Atkin
Terry Arnold
Brett Price

Good Luck!

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