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GSCD are the 2016 ESA Team Champions!

The Glide, Slide, Chip & Dip Club were victorious in the ESA Team Championships with a flawless performance taking the title. Thomas, Finch, Russell & Varney produced a superb performance winning all their games by a 4-0 margin to earn a Champions League Place. London & Essex Utd grabbed the runners up spot after a tight 2-1 victory over the Kent A team whilst the Kent B & C squads made up the numbers taking in some great experience along the way. LEU take the second Champions League spot whilst Kent will enter the Europa League in Rome later in the year.

Congratulations to our winners and also special thanks to all the players who spent some time to work on coaching with the England Juniors players on the day.

Full Results:-

1. GSCD 12
2. London & Essex 9
3. Kent A 6
4. Kent B 3
5. Kent C 0

Kent A 4-0 Kent C
A.Davies 3-0 L.Singh
C.Bowen 4-1 J.Foreman
P.Stemitsiotis 4-0 C.Atkin
J.Bradley 2-0 T.Price

L&E 4-0 Kent B
K.Walker/E.Bellefontaine 2-0 T.Bowen
P.Holmes 3-0 K.Arnold
M.Blanchard 11-0 T.Arnold
D.Pawsey 10-1 M.Atkin

Kent A 4-0 Kent B
A.Davies 2-0 M.Atkin
C.Bowen 6-1 T.Arnold
P.Stemitsiotis 1-0 T.Bowen
J.Bradley 1-0 K.Arnold

GSCD 4-0 Kent C
J.Finch 7-1 L.Singh
D.Russell 6-2 T.Price
C.Thomas 6-4 J.Foreman
B.Varney 7-1 C.Atkin

Kent B 2-0 Kent C
T.Bowen 3-3 L.Singh
T.Arnold 3-2 T.Price
M.Atkin 1-1 J.Foreman
K.Arnold 2-0 C.Atkin/B.Price

GSCD 4-0 Kent A
B.Varney 4-0 A.Davies
D.Russell 1-0 J.Bradley
C.Thomas 4-0 P.Stemitsiotis
J.Finch 7-1 C.Bowen

Kent A 1-2 L&E
C.Bowen 1-1 M.Blanchard
P.Stemitsiotis 0-1 P.Holmes/E.Bellefontaine
A.Davies 0-3 D.Pawsey
J.Bradley 4-0 K.Walker

GSCD 4-0 Kent B
B.Varney 4-0 K.Arnold
C.Thomas 13-1 T.Arnold
D.Russell 6-2 T.Bowen
J.Finch 5-0 M.Atkin

L&E 3-0 Kent C
M.Blanchard 4-2 C.Atkin
D.Pawsey 3-2 T.Price
K.Walker 2-2 L.Singh
P.Holmes 4-1 J.Foreman

GSCD 4-0 L&E
B.Varney 3-0 E.Bellefontaine/P.Holmes
D.Russell 4-3 M.Blanchard
C.Thomas 13-0 K.Walker
J.Finch 2-1 D.Pawsey

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