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Hodds in Essex WASPA Victory!

It was Yorkshire’s Martin Hodds who grabbed victory in the Essex TSA’s WASPA tournament with a close win over London’s Martin Bellefontaine. With the game deadlocked 1-1 after extra-time, Hodds scored the decisive penalty to take the game 1-0 on shots. In a competitive field of 24 players including juniors and ladies, Victor Jones and Elliott Bellefontaine were the other Semi-finalists whilst for the players failing to get out the groups a Plate was played. Kent’s Jonathan Lopez-Real took the plate title with a 5-1 win over Coulsden’s Lee Fenton.

The Junior final was an all Kent matchup with Kye Arnold scoring a late winner over Joseph Kinrade to grab a 2-1 victory whilst Rachael Shelley beat Francesca Bellefontaine in the Ladies final on shots.

Big thanks to everyone who came and a special thank you to Martin Hodds who sorted out all the fixtures.


Group 1
Victor Jones 7pts Goals 6-2
Paul O’Donovan Rossa 6pts 6-1
Tony McCann 4pts 6-2
David Peterschinigg 0pts 1-14

Tony 5-0 David
Paul 0-1 Victor
Tony 1-1 Victor
Paul 5-0 David
Tony 0-1 Paul
Victor 4-1 David

Group 2
Rudi Peterschinigg 9pts 7-1
Martin Bellefontaine 6pts 8-3
Kye Arnold 3pts 4-5
Doug Shelley 0pts 1-11

Martin 5-0 Doug
Kye 0-2 Rudi
Martin 1-3 Rudi
Kye 4-1 Doug
Martin 2-0 Kye
Rudi 2-0 Doug

Group 3
Gerry Brightwell 9pts 10-2
Andy Boyer 6pts 6-6
Brian Kinrade 3pts 3-5
Neil Doherty 0pts 1-7

Andy 2-1 Neil
Brian 1-2 Gerry
Andy 1-4 Gerry
Brian 1-0 Neil
Andy 3-1 Brian
Gerry 4-0 Neil

Group 4
John Brand 9pts 13-3
Kevin Cordell 6pts 11-7
Jonathan Lopez-Real 3pts 4-10
Rachel Shelley 0pts 2-10

John 3-0 Rachel
Jonathan 0-5 Kevin
John 5-2 Kevin
Jonathan 3-0 Rachel
John 5-1 Jonathan
Kevin 4-2 Rachel

Group 5
Elliott Bellefontaine 9pts 14-2
Terry Arnold 6pts 11-5
Lee Fenton 3pts 4-11
Kevin Mason 0pts 1-12

Elliott 5-0 Kevin
Terry 5-1 Lee
Elliott 5-1 Lee
Terry 5-0 Kevin
Elliott 4-1 Terry
Lee 2-1 Kevin

Group 6
Martin Hodds 9pts 13-0
Joseph Kinrade 6pts 10-5
Matthias Peterschinigg 3pts 6-12
Frankie Bellefontaine 0pts 2-14

Martin 5-0 Matthias
Joseph 5-0 Frankie
Martin 5-0 Frankie
Joseph 5-2 Matthias
Martin 3-0 Joseph
Frankie 2-4 Matthias

Last 16
Victor Jones 2-1 Terry Arnold
Rudi Peterschinigg 4-1 Paul O’Donovan Rossa
Gerry Brightwell 2-1 Kye Arnold
John Brand 2-2 Martin Bellefontaine (2-3 on shots)
Elliott Bellefontaine 3-2 Kevin Cordell
Martin Hodds 4-0 Brian Kinrade
Joseph Kinrade 3-2 Tony McCann
Matthias Peterschinigg 1-4 Andy Boyer

Martin Bellefontaine 1-0 Andy Boyer
Martin Hodds 4-2 Joseph Kinrade
Victor Jones 2-1 Gerry Brightwell (golden goal)
Rudi Peterschinigg 2-3 Elliott Bellefontaine

Victor Jones 0-1 Martin Bellefontaine (golden goal)
Martin Hodds 1-0 Elliott Bellefontaine (golden goal)

Martin Hodds 1-1 Martin Bellefontaine (1-0 to Hodds on shots)

Plate QF
Kevin Mason 4-0 David Peterschinigg

Plate Semifinals
Neil Doherty 0-1 Lee Fenton
Kevin Mason 1-2 Jonathan Lopez-Real

Plate Final
Lee Fenton 1-5 Jonathan Lopez-Real

Junior Semifinals
Kye Arnold 3-2 Matthias Peterschinigg (golden goal)
Joseph Kinrade 5-0 David Peterschinigg

Junior Final
Joseph Kinrade 1-2 Kye Arnold

Ladies Final
Frankie Bellefontaine 0-0 Rachel Shelley (0-1 for Rachel on shots)






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