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Stathis Tsolis

Our next player interview is with Stathis Tsolis. Stathis is the man behind the successful and popular mysubbuteo.com website. The website features many exciting products including a wide range of decals and playing equipment.

1. When did you first start playing? 
 My brother bought me my first team (Spurs) in 1990. I soon became fanatical about it (age 10) and I even organised a league in my neighborhood. For a brief period of 3 years, the majority of the kids in my street had their own stadium where we would schedule European and World Cups. I rediscovered Subbuteo when I moved to London in 2007 where I joined the Putney League. I joined Phoenix TFC in 2008, soon after I moved to York and I have been a member since then.

2. Which was your first ever big tournament?
 Milton Keynes Open in 2008

3. Which is the best tournament you have ever attended?
  I don’t have many tournaments under my belt and I usually do terribly! The highlight of my career was probably Milton Keynes 2010 when I made it through the group stages before exiting in the barrage round. Despite narrowly losing my match at the team event, my club Phoenix TFC did quite well too

4. What was the best goal you have ever scored?
 I should remembered really as I have scored that many!

5. Who would you describe as being the toughest player you have faced in England? 
Definitely Craig Heward although it is always fun to have a match against!

6. Who would you describe as being the toughest player you have faced in the World?
 Matt Lampitt

7. What has been the best match you have ever played in?
I played Martin Hodds once (league meeting) and I managed a draw. I was quite happy with that.

8. What has been your best moment or achievement in the game?
 Winning the Yorshire Phonenix League Category B championship for the Season  2012-13!

 9. What has been the funniest moment you have seen on a trip away to a tournament?
 Back in 2010 I was appointed a compulsory referee for an under-10 game. One of the kids scored from an off side position and I had to cancel the goal resulting to the poor kid bursting in tears. Although it may sounds funny to some, I fell dreadful at the time to the point that I swore never to ref in a competition ever again!

10. Which football team do you support? 
PAOK Thessaloniki

11. What is your favourite food? 
  Vienna style hot dogs!

12. Do you have any other hobbies My primary hobby is mysubbuteo.com although it has started to look like a full time occupation lately!!

13. What is your favourite holiday destination? 
 Tobago in the Caribbean or the Cyclades in Greece!

14. What is the best movie you have ever seen? 
Fight Club

15. What is your favourite TV series? 
I like many of them, I would say the Wire if I have to pick just one

16. What is your favourite music? 
 Punk Hardcore in the style of Fugazi

17. Which person do you have most respect for in life? 
 My father of course!

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