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Terrific Thomas is the Master Again!

Chris Thomas took the honours with victory in the English Masters to win the title for the 7th time. With an unbeaten record, the England Star finished 3 points clear of David Russell in a competitive 7 man field. Paulo Gouveia took 3rd whilst Martin Hodds grabbed 4th place with Paulo Barone, Jeremy Bradley & Rudi Peterschinigg in 5th, 6th & 7th respectively.

The JJ Trophy, in memory of Jeff Jordan, was also played over the same weekend and saw Frenchamn, Eric Naszalyi win the tournament with Paul Naszalyi in 2nd and Gianpaolo Vitulano in 3rd.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks you all for taking part!

Masters Table & Results:-
1. C.Thomas 16pts
2. D.Russell 13pts
3. P.Gouveia 9pts
4. M.Hodds 7pts
5. P.Barone 5pts
6. J.Bradley 5pts
7. R. Peterschinigg 3pts

P.Gouveia 2-1 M.Hodds
J.Bradley 0-0 R.Peterschinigg
D.Russell 1-4 P.Barone
J.Bradley 1-0 P.Gouveia
D.Russell 1-0 M.Hodds
C.Thomas 4-0 R.Peterschinigg
C.Thomas 5-3 P.Gouveia
D.Russell 4-2 J.Bradley
C.Thomas 1-1 D.Russell
M.Hodds 1-0 P.Barone
P.Barone 0-0 J.Bradley
R.Peterschinigg 1-4 P.Gouveia
P.Barone 0-3 C.Thomas
R.Peterschinigg 1-2 D.Russell
M.Hodds 2-0 J.Bradley
R.Peterschinigg 2-2 P.Barone
M.Hodds 1-4 C.Thomas
P.Gouveia 1-2 D.Russell
M.Hodds 1-1 R.Peterschinigg
P.Gouveia 3-2 P.Barone
C.Thomas 6-1 J.Bradley

JJ Trophy Table
1. E.Naszalyi 13pts
2. P.Naszalyi 10pts
3. G.Vitulano 10pts
4. T.Schott 9pts
5. B.Staples 9pts
6. J.Bradley 9pts
7. A.Boyer 8pts
8. P.Holmes 7pts
9. E.Bellafontaine 7pts
10. T.Bowen 6pts
11. D.Staples 6pts
12. C.Bowen 3pts
13. M.Naszalyi 1pt
14. A.Staples 1pt

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