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Xmas cheer for Vitulano in Xmas Cup!

The ESA 2014 Christmas Cup provided plenty of action as 13 players got in some festive flicking in the last ESA event of 2014. With the tournament under the WASPA banner and matches being played on ESA’s newly refurbished ExtremeWorks pitches, a four match Swiss-system saw Kent Invicta’s Gianpaolo Vitulano win the Cup. Yorkshire Phoenix star Brian Daley grabbed the Runners-Up spot whilst Daley’s Italian team-mate, Luca Martinelli, took 3rd place.

Final Standings:-
1. Gianpaolo Vitulano (ENG/Kent Invicta)
2. Brian Daley (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)
3. Luca Martinelli (ITA/Yorkshire Phoenix)
4. Christopher Bowen (ENG/Kent Invicta)
5. Jeremy Bradley (ENG/Kent Invicta)
6. Colin Tarry (ENG/London & Essex United)
7. Ben Staples (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)
8. Tim Bowen (WAL/Kent Invicta)
9. Brian Kinrade (IOM/Moralzarzal Subbuteo CAD)
10. Klaus Fritz (GER/Sparta Spreeathen)
11. Connor Bowden (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)
12. Dylan Staples (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)
13. Abbie Staples (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)

RESULTS: Maximum winning margin – 5 goals

Round One
Gianpaolo Vitulano 4-2 Connor Bowden
Brian Kinrade 2-2 Christopher Bowen
Dylan Staples 0-5 Brian Daley
Colin Tarry 1-1 Jeremy Bradley
Luca Martinelli 4-0 Tim Bowen
Klaus Fritz 5-0 Abbie Staples
Ben Staples – BYE

Round Two
Brian Daley 4-0 Klaus Fritz
Luca Martinelli 7-2 Ben Staples
Gianpaolo Vitulano 2-1 Brian Kinrade
Christopher Bowen 2-2 Colin Tarry
Jeremy Bradley 4-1 Connor Bowden
Tim Bowen 4-0 Dylan Staples
Abbie Staples – BYE

Round Three
Luca Martinelli 2-0 Brian Daley
Gianpaolo Vitulano 0-0 Jeremy Bradley
Klaus Fritz 0-2 Tim Bowen
Ben Staples 3-1 Abbie Staples
Christopher Bowen 1-0 Connor Bowden
Colin Tarry 2-1 Brian Kinrade
Dylan Staples – BYE

Round Four
Brian Daley 4-0 Tim Bowen
Christopher Bowen 5-0 Abbie Staples
Dylan Staples 1-2 Brian Kinrade
Luca Martinelli 1-2 Gianpaolo Vitulano
Ben Staples 1-3 Jeremy Bradley
Colin Tarry 3-0 Klaus Fritz
Connor Bowden – BYE


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